300C SRT8 Lloyd ultimat floor mat set
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300C SRT8 Lloyd ultimat floor mat set

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LLoyd ultimats for the 300C SRT8, you get the two front mats with SRT8 logo, and the two rear mats (w/o logo). These mats are in #167 dark slate grey. These LLoyd ultimat floor mats, finest available for your SRT 300C.These mats come as pictured ONLY. If you wish a different logo or combination , please contact us at tony@jtsvp.com with your combination. AGAIN, THESE ARE SLATE GREY #167. if you wish to view more choices , visit www.lloydmats.com The original and still the best custom carpet mats. 2 PLY NYLON YARN (32 OZ/SQ YARD) 5/16 " PILE HEIGHT WOVEN POLYPROPYLENE BACKING WATER RESISTANT LATEX COATING POLYPROPYLENE MESH FOR STIFFNESS NON-SLIP RUBBER "TRACTIONBACK" PLEASE ALLOW 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS FOR DELIVERY
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