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RejeX is a thin-film polymer coating, used instead of wax or polish, to provide the ultimate, durable high-gloss protective finish for vehicles of all types. . Entirely synthetic, RejeX's protective characteristics far exceed those of traditional wax products. It highly resistant to chemicals, detergents, acids and UV, which deteriorate paint over time. . Even though RejeX contains no polishing additives per se, the deep, lustrous high-gloss finish rivals that of any polish or glaze. . "After a month of building up road crud, the side of the [car] treated with RejeX came clean with one swipe of the sponge..." car and driver magazine . INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING REJEX . 1.Shake well and apply to a clean, dry surface that is cool to the touch. Do not apply in direct sunlight or in temperatures greater than 85° F. . 2.After RejeX dries to a haze (about 20 minutes), simply wipe it off. Unlike waxes that require strenuous rubbing or buffing to remove, RejeX easily wipes on and off. . 3.Allow RejeX to cure for 12 hours out of the elements. . 4.For optimum protection, reapply every 4-6 months as needed.

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