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Do you want more traction? Replace your worn out kicker shock with our billet kicker shock. Nitrogen charged for long life , cooler running. Traction will no longer be a problem.We  did a ton of work on the kicker shock, these things are stiff, we really upped things here, you will notice on a stock truck or even one with traction bars, at say 60 mph and you go to wot you will feel a rock or the axle actually twist a small amount
with the kicker , all I can say is that is gone, better traction and better acceleration.

The kicker shocks are all billet construction, with solid heim joint ends for more feel and solid construction.
the shocks are totally rebuildable, and each shock is custom built one at a time, not anything that is "off the shelf"
They have larger shafts for more rigidity and feel,
plus if you purchase non adjsutables one year, then next year would like to make them adjustable or add a resevior, all you do is send them back, we make the changes and return them.
they are a single mono tube design, which is tons more reliable and you get better quicker action from the shocks.
One of the greatest things is they are not $20 Monroe oil shocks, they are a gas charged shock
the ride the action , the performance will not change 100miles down the road, the gas will stay cooler and keep its consistency, thus you end up with a shock that will last for years, not fade away in a few months.

also to make our adjustable shocks easy to adjust, the front shocks the adjuster is on the top, reach over the tire, make the adjustment,
the rear, they are on the upper shaft, with an easy twist, you can make your adjustments, the adjusters are solid construction , metal and billet , and you get positive clicks so there is no wondering if you moved the adjuster one or two.

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